appliance repair pricing & warranty

service charge

Our service fee of $130 covers the cost of a technician coming to your home to diagnose your appliance. Each technician is highly-trained and arrives in a truck stocked with the most commonly needed parts to repair your appliance as quickly and accurately as possible. Should the part need to be special ordered, we have accounts with multiple suppliers, and a dedicated parts department to assist in obtaining such parts.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, our technician will provide you with a written estimate which includes the cost of the service call,  labor and parts (if needed).

Also, we only charge $65.00 per appliance, to diagnose any additional appliances while we are already in your home.


Our appliance repair pricing is based on the National Blue Book recommendations.

Labor rates are not based on time, but on the specific job itself to create uniformity within the industry. This rate helps cover many unseen expenses, including the technician’s training fees, test equipment, parts inventory management, office staff, liability, and more.


We offer a 90-day labor and 1-year parts warranty on every appliance repair job.