Best Activities in Lancaster, CA

Here in Lancaster, CA, we’re lucky to have plenty of fun things to do all around town. If you’re bored, it’s only because you’re not looking very hard for events and other activities. That’s why we’ve decided to make things easier by making a list of the best activities in Lancaster for every age group and lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look…

Top 4 Best Activities in Lancaster

Do you enjoy spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors? Or maybe you prefer to enrich your mind by visiting local historical museums? Whatever your preference is, Lancaster has the perfect thing to do for you.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

This seasonal display of blooming flowers is unlike anything else you’ll find in the area. In fact, Lancaster has become famous for its picturesque vistas filled with bright orange poppies as far as the eye can see. Over eight miles of flowers cover the rolling hills of the Mojave Desert Grassland habitat, and it’s a truly incredible sight to see.

The poppies typically bloom as early as mid-February and last through May or even early June. If you’re lucky, you might also catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife. A wide variety of birds can be watched, and others like lizards, snakes, coyotes, and even bobcats! Visit the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve website for more details.

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Museum of Art and History

Let’s face it, not all museums are exciting to visit. That’s certainly not a problem hen it comes to the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster! As one of the best activities in Lancaster, CA, this museum combines art and history into one interesting and rich educational experience the whole family can enjoy.

Some of their exhibits include dinosaurs, native artifacts, and even toys like the history of the pinball machine. Talk about a fun time at a museum! They’re also dedicated to showing and supporting the work of local Lancaster artists, so show your support as well by visiting the Museum of Art and History.

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Image from Museum of Art and History

Antelope Valley Indian Museum

Anyone who lives in Lancaster knows that our area has a rich history with native peoples from several different tribes. That history is celebrated and put on display at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum. The facility has over 3,000 objects and artifacts from local native tribes that go back as far as 4,000 years!

Take a stroll through the historic grounds and outdoor ceremonial arena, then stop by the picnic area for a bite. There’s also a 1/2 mile self-guided nature trail around the museum, and special events are held here frequently. Don’t miss out on your local history with the Antelope Valley Indian Museum.

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Antelope Valley Winery

Having fun with the whole family is great, but sometimes we adults need to have a day just for us to enjoy. That’s where the Antelope Valley Winery comes into play! As one of the best activities in Lancaster, they offer a number of options from tours to wine tastings, and more.

The wines produced at this vineyard are very well-reviewed, which is why they’re a popular spot for gift-giving and special events. Their wine club is also a huge hit, as are their personalized wine bottles for any occasion. Pay them a visit at any time of year to experience the joy and deliciousness of the Antelope Valley Winery.

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Now that you know where to find the best activities in Lancaster, share them with your friends so that there’s never a dull moment. For more information about Lancaster, CA, check out our complete local guide to Lancaster. And if you find yourself in need of appliance repair service in Lancaster, give Oak Valley Appliance a call right away.