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Why is My Whirlpool Side By Side Refrigerator Not Making Ice?

We all depend on our refrigerators, and most of us use our refrigerators frequently to dispense ice. So if you have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator not making ice, we understand the frustration.

There may be a couple of reasons you could discover your Whirlpool refrigerator not making ice but water works fine. The water system may be connected, but the ice maker has separate components that allow it to run independently.

The best thing to do is troubleshoot a few items to determine the cause of the ice maker failure.

Whirlpool Side By Side Refrigerator Not Making Ice Troubleshooting

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Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Water Works

From time to time, we get concerns about a Whirlpool ice maker not working but water dispenser is working just fine. This is not uncommon actually. There could be a few reasons this is happening. Let’s take a look at how to run through the steps to find the cause.

Is the ice maker turned off? Ice makers are equipped with a shutoff mechanism to keep the ice bin from overfilling. It could be a switch or paddle, but usually a metal arm. Check to see if the ice maker shutoff lever is tripped or stuck, and release it to trigger the ice maker to turn back on.

Is there sufficient water supply? Ice makers require sufficient water pressure to work properly. If you have a clogged water filter, the water pressure might be insufficient for the ice maker to make ice. If the filter hasn’t been changed in 5-6 months, replace it.

Are there any ice cubes stuck in the ice maker? Periodically, ice fuses together in frozen clumps with other ice cubes. This can prevent the auger from turning and breaking up the ice for the dispenser. Carefully breaking up clumped ice should correct the problem. Note: don’t use sharp objects to break apart the ice, as this could damage the bin and other parts that may not be under warranty.

Are ice cubes frozen in the tray mold? Sometimes water overfills the tray and water freezes around where the ice cubes are molded before they drop into the bin. If you see ice cubes and they cannot release, carefully remove the excess ice to allow movement of the dispenser.

Troubleshooting your Whirlpool side by side refrigerator not making ice should be a quick process and easy to remedy.

whirlpool side by side refrigerator not making ice
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Refrigerator Not Making Ice After Power Outage

A Whirlpool side by side refrigerator not making ice after a power outage requires a little detective work. Check these items to find the cause for the ice maker not working after power outage is over.

Is the circuit breaker tripped? Your large appliances may be on their own circuit, which may shut off to protect the appliance from damage due to the outage. Check the main breaker box for the house and make sure the circuit to the refrigerator is in the “on” or “closed” position.

Is there electrical damage? Although this is less likely, it can happen. Inspect the inside of the refrigerator and around the cord and outlet for burn marks or other signs of electrical damage. If there are any indicators of electrical damage, call an electrician.

Is the rest of the refrigerator working? Is everything else functioning with the refrigerator? If not, the outage may have caused damage to other electrical components within the fridge. If you suspect this, call a qualified appliance service technician.

Is the freezer at the proper temperature? If the outage was long enough, the freezer may have had trouble maintaining cold enough temperatures for the ice maker to function. Give the refrigerator 24 hours to return to optimal temperatures.

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