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Top 5 Leftover Turkey Recipes

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving leftovers? We certainly do! Leftover turkey recipes are an essential part of every holiday, as far as we’re concerned.

Whether you love a good ole turkey-avocado BLT or like to mix it up with turkey breakfast blends, our top recommendations tell you exactly what to do with leftover turkey.

What to Do With Leftover Turkey – Recipes You’ll Love

#1 Turkey Quesadillas with Cranberry Salsa

This has to be one of the simplest, yet most delicious ways to enjoy the many leftover turkey recipes available. Sweet cranberries cooked in a spicy lemon sauce go perfectly with chopped up turkey. Fold your ingredients up in a tortilla and pop it on the griddle for a delicious twist on classic Thanksgiving food.


  • leftover turkey – cubed or shredded
  • frozen cranberries
  • spices & seasoning
  • tortillas
  • cheese

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what to do with leftover turkey

#2 White Turkey Chilli

Chilli is perfect for the cool fall weather, and this leftover turkey recipe is no exception. Combine your remaining turkey with cream of chicken soup, milk, beans and seasonings. Heat for about 30 minutes and enjoy.


  • turkey – cubed
  • cannellini beans
  • cream of chicken soup
  • milk
  • seasoning

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leftover turkey chilli recipe

#3 Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich

Avocado is all the rage these days, and when you combine it with bacon, the result is heavenly. Add on some leftover turkey and a couple slices of your favorite bread to get a California twist on everyone’s favorite sandwich.


  • bacon
  • turkey
  • spinach & tomatoes
  • condiments
  • bread
  • avocado

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turkey bacon avocado sandwich

#4 Turkey Pot Pie

Another fall favorite is this simple skillet pot pie. Shred your leftover turkey and toss it in the skillet with some cheese and seasonings. Top it off with a puff pastry and you’ve got dinner for the whole family in less than half an hour.


  • turkey – shredded
  • cream cheese & sour cream
  • seasoning
  • mustard & lemon
  • frozen puff pastry

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what to make with thanksgiving leftovers

#5 Turkey & Chorizo Breakfast Hash

Turkey isn’t just reserved for lunch and dinner. You can mix it in with some Mexican chorizo and leftover potatoes to create a hearty morning meal. The crispy crust that forms on this leftover turkey recipe is to die for.


  • turkey – diced
  • eggs & cream
  • chorizo
  • potatoes
  • seasonings

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There are so many tasty ways to use your leftover Thanksgiving turkey and sides. Happy eating from the Oak Valley Appliance crew.


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