Service During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Safe In-Home Service During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, Oak Valley wants you to know that we’re still open and providing safe in-home appliance service. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to go without your most important appliances in the event of a breakdown.

Steps We’re Taking to Ensure Health & Safety

There are plenty of things you can live without during the COVID-19 pandemic, but major appliances are absolutely essential. That’s why we’re taking all of the necessary precautions to keep our customers and employees safe.

Social Distancing for Employees

Avoiding contact with others is the best way to avoid the coronavirus, but working appliances are a necessity. That’s why most of our office staff will be working from home during this time. Our primary goal is to stay safe while providing our essential services to the community.

Appliance Part Sales

Replacement parts are still available for purchase, although our storefront is closed to the public until further notice. We ask that you call us to verify that we have the item you need in stock and prepay by phone. Then give our office a call when you arrive, and we’ll safely deliver your items to your vehicle in our parking lot.

Safety Measures During In-Home Service

Since person-to-person contact does the biggest risk, our technicians are also taking steps to ensure safe service. During your service appointment, you can expect our technician to:

  • Avoid direct physical contact and maintain 6-foot distance at all times
  • Wash hands before and after service is performed
  • Wipe down & disinfect all surfaces with a disinfectant of your choice (please have available as supplies are limited)

We also disinfect all tools, computers, and equipment each day. And as a final precaution, all service receipts will be provided electronically via email. We ask that you provide a valid email address to our technician at the time of service.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our service during the coronavirus outbreak, please call us at (661) 822-6562. And for some much-needed convenience, schedule repair service online quickly and painlessly!

David lange

David Lange

In 1982 David went to work for his mom as a service technician and has been servicing appliances ever since. He is the owner of Oak Valley Appliance, an appliance repair company in Tehachapi, CA, with local techs also serving Lancaster, Ridgecrest, and surrounding areas.