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Why is My Samsung Dryer Making Noise While Running?

Samsung dryers are typically so quiet that any unfamiliar noise can be a source of alarm. As startling as these sounds may be, however, most have a straightforward fix. From thumps and squeaks to rattles and hums, we’ll decode a Samsung dryer making noise to identify the source of the sound.

Rattling, Thumping and Squeaking: Deciphering a Samsung Dryer Making Noise

Though a Samsung dryer making noise can be loud enough to be its own problem, it’s usually indicative of another issue. Our guide to common dryer noises pinpoints why they occur and how to fix them. But first, we’ll delineate what a normal dryer sounds like when operating.

Dryer Makes a Humming Sound

Generally speaking, a dryer that hums while operating indicates normal function. A humming noise occurs as the blower motor draws air out of the dryer and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. 

Dryer is Rattling

A Samsung dryer making loud rumbling noise or a rattling sound can have a few possible causes. Fortunately, most are fixed with some simple adjustments:

  • Dryer isn’t level: If the feet on your dryer aren’t level with the floor the dryer may make a rattling sound while operating. With a carpenter’s level, determine which leg(s) require adjusting. Use a wrench to rotate the leg until it rests flat on the floor.
  • Exhaust vent is loose: Loose venting can wiggle during operation, creating a rattling sound. Check your venting and adjust as needed to make sure it’s secure.
  • Dryer is too close to another object: If the dryer is resting against a wall, your washer, or even its own power cord it could result in a rattling sound. Make sure there’s adequate space between the dryer and any other object.
  • Loose items in dryer drum: Small, loose objects like coins or buttons can make a rattling noise when the dryer is operating. Stop the dryer and check the drum for any loose items.

Thumping Noise While Running

Is your noisy Samsung dryer making a thumping sound? This is likely caused by overloading. Overcrowding the dryer with more than one load or several oversize items can create a heavy load that thumps as it spins. In addition, a dryer won’t heat up when it’s overloaded, as airflow is often restricted. Here’s how to avoid loud noises from overloading:

  • Dry one wash load at a time
  • Make sure the load only fills the dryer halfway.
  • Wash oversize items, like blankets or comforters, one at a time with a few smaller pieces to balance the load.

Thumping noises can also be caused by clothing attachments, like buttons and zippers, as they bump against the rotating dryer drum. In this case, stop the dryer and turn the items inside out to avoid contact with the dryer drum.

Squeaks, Squeals, and Grinding

A squealing, squeaking, or screeching Samsung dryer can also be caused by overloading as the dryer drum struggles to support this heavy load. Clothes that are still wet with excess water from the washer can also cause excess weight that results in squealing sounds.

Our tips to avoid overloading can also help prevent squealing and grinding sounds. If some items are still too wet, stop the dryer and place them back in the washer to complete a second spin cycle. This will remove excess water and create a lighter load for the dryer.

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Broken Samsung Dryer Parts

If these interventions fail to silence your Samsung dryer making noise, then it’s possible a broken part is responsible. These parts can create specific sounds when they fail:

  • Broken drive belt: When the drive belt breaks or becomes worn it will be unable to support the dryer drum as it turns. This typically creates a squealing or thumping sound. A broken drive belt can’t be repaired and requires replacement.
  • Worn drum rollers: Drum rollers support the weight of the dryer drum as it spins. If the rollers are worn out, the dryer can make a loud rumbling sound when spinning. Even if only one drum roller is worn, we suggest replacing all of them at the same time.
  • Defective drum bearing: The drum bearing supports the back of the dryer drum and can cause squealing sounds when it wears out. When this happens, the drum bearing requires replacement.

Your trusted dryer repair service can help fix a Samsung dryer making noise. Call Oak Valley Appliance to arrange for fast and reliable service.

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