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Why Is My Samsung Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes?

Dishwasher technology is so advanced that loading and unloading your dishes is the only labor required. So if your dishes are wet and require hand drying at the end of a wash cycle, you’re already working too hard. But how do you hang up the dish towel for good? We’ll troubleshoot common causes for a Samsung dishwasher not drying dishes, like improper loading or lack of rinse aid, and provide simple solutions. 

What to Do for a Samsung Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

Fortunately, a Samsung dishwasher not drying dishes doesn’t always require a repair. These common causes are usually resolved with simple adjustments you can make to your dishwasher use and care.

#1. Dishes Aren’t Loaded Properly

Wondering why does my Samsung dishwasher not dry the dishes? One of the most common reasons is overloading. Too many dishes in the dishwasher or improper loading methods restrict airflow that’s necessary for dishes to dry. This summary of our dishwasher loading tips can lead to drier dishes:

  • Top Rack: Reserve for small bowls, cups, glasses, and longer utensils. Position items upside down and at an angle for optimal washing and drying.
  • Bottom Rack: Utilize for dinner plates, pots, pans, and servingware. Arrange dishes facing inward with one item per slot to allow for proper airflow.
  • Silverware Basket: Nesting inhibits drying, so avoid that by mixing forks, spoons, and knives together. Place knives upside down to prevent injury.

#2. Unload Dishes in the Right Order

If your Samsung dishwasher leaves dishes wet, check the order in which you unload them. Unloading the top rack first can cause any residual water to fall on the dishes below. For dryer dishes, unload the bottom rack before the top so any remaining water falls on the empty rack.

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#3. Dishwasher Not Using Hot Water

Using hot water during a wash cycle is better for penetrating grease and leftover food. Hot water also evaporates faster, leading to improved drying capabilities. For cleaner and drier dishes, make sure your dishwasher uses hot water during each wash cycle.

Do Samsung dishwashers heat water on their own? While some models have an internal heater that heats water to the right temperature, others do not. In these cases, make sure your dishwasher is connected to a hot water supply.

#4. Utilize Dishwasher Drying Features

If your Samsung dishwasher doesn’t dry dishes as well as you prefer, try using some of the additional drying features it may offer. Some models offer the following options that can result in drier dishes:

  • Dry+: This setting increases the water temperature during the final rinse for better evaporation and improved drying. The drying time is also elongated for better results.
  • Heated Dry: Instead of just relying on evaporation, this setting utilizes the dishwasher’s heater to assist in the drying process.
  • High-Temp Wash: Using hotter water throughout the wash cycle can make for better evaporation and drier dishes.

#5. Add Rinse Aid

Though rinse aid is often advertised as making dishes more sparkly, it’s main function is to facilitate rinsing and improve drying. It does this by decreasing the surface tension of water droplets, causing them to evaporate and drip off of dishware more easily.

If you find your Samsung dishwasher not drying dishes sufficiently, make sure you’re using rinse aid, in the right amounts, with each wash cycle. Larger loads will require a higher amount of rinse aid for drier dishes.

Though it’s rare, a Samsung dishwasher not drying dishes may have a broken part if these troubleshooting tips aren’t effective. In this case, a professional dishwasher repair service should provide an assessment. Call Oak Valley Appliance for the utmost in professional service and fast repairs.

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