40th anniversary

Oak Valley Appliance Celebrates Our 40th Anniversary This Month!

In today’s world of online reviews, it can sometimes be hard to know which service companies truly are the best. There’s one old-fashioned way to tell if a company is good at what they do though: Ask how long they’ve been in business.

At Oak Valley Appliance, we’re extremely proud to be celebrating our 40th anniversary in business this month!

Oak Valley Appliance’s 40th Anniversary

Helping our friends and neighbors throughout the Tehachapi area with their broken appliance issues has been our goal since day one. We’re proud to have lived up to that goal, but how did it all start?

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Our Mission

Way back in 1979, our founder Phil Stahlheber had been traveling the country as a field rep for a machine equipment company out of New York. Tired of traveling, he embarked on a quest to start his own local business.

What he noticed though was that there were no local appliance repair companies still in business, and he saw an opening. That’s when our company was founded as the Tehachapi Repair Center.

Since then, our company has been through many changes and many difficulties, but we’ve always stood firm on our core mission of helping those in need of honest, dependable appliance repair in our community.

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Our Goal

Today, our owner David Lange carries on Oak Valley’s tradition of offering fast, affordable repairs along with the industry’s most professional, helpful customer service. We’re all about creating win-win situations for our customers and our business, and that’s a big part of why we’ve had such enduring success.

As we look to the future, we can’t help but look back at where we’ve come from as a guide for the path ahead. We’ve learned from our successes and our failures, and our 40th anniversary is a wonderful reminder of what we can accomplish when we do business the right way; with honesty and integrity.

We thank you for your¬†business and for your support over the past four decades. Let’s keep it going for another four more!


David lange

David Lange

In 1982 David went to work for his mom as a service technician and has been servicing appliances ever since. He is the owner of Oak Valley Appliance, an appliance repair company in Tehachapi, CA, with local techs also serving Lancaster, Ridgecrest, and surrounding areas.