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Why Is My Maytag Front Load Washer Not Draining Water?

While a puddle of water and soaking wet clothes are sure signs of draining problems, sometimes the cause isn’t so clear. Why is my Maytag front load washer not draining? A clogged drain hose can block water from flowing, causing backups in the washer. Use these Maytag front load washer troubleshooting tips to quickly resolve draining issues.

How to Fix a Maytag Front Load Washer Not Draining

Most draining problems are due to obstructions or part malfunctions. We’ll detail how to determine if a Maytag front load washer not draining needs a DIY fix or professional repair. But, first, here’s how to remove excess water from your washing machine.

Manually Drain Water From Washer

Draining issues create one of the biggest Maytag front load washer problems: how to remove excess water without making a mess. Before assessing for a clog or part malfunction, any water should be manually drained to minimize leaks.

Here’s how to manually drain water from a Maytag washing machine:

  • Pull the washer away from the wall and turn off its power and water connections.
  • Scoop out any remaining water in the washer drum.
  • Unhook the drain hose from the wall or sink drain and empty residual water into a bucket.
  • Clamp the open end of the hose to prevent additional spillage while you work.

Drain Hose Is Obstructed

An obstructed drain hose is one of the most common reasons a Maytag washer won’t drain. Both kinks and blockages can obstruct the hose, preventing proper draining. A kinked hose can be gently straightened to restore function. However, if your washing machine is leaking, the kink may have damaged the hose, necessitating replacement. 

Blockages are typically caused by a buildup of debris or a trapped article of clothing. If the blockage isn’t visible when draining the outer drain hose, you’ll need to assess the inner portion of the hose.

Follow these steps to unclog the inner drain hose:

  • Remove the washer’s front panel by unscrewing the two mounting screws. Pull the panel edges out before unhooking the top.
  • Spread a towel under the drain hose before unclamping it from the drain pump.
  • After water is drained, inspect the hose for blockages and remove them with pliers.
  • If no blockages are visible, unclamp the hose from the tub end to check for and remove obstructions.
  • Reconnect the inner hose to the pump and tub.
  • Replace the washer’s front panel.
  • Reconnect the outer hose to the drain, making sure the end of the hose is 30-96″ above the floor for proper draining.
  • Restore water and power connections before repositioning the washer.

maytag front load washer not draining

Need to Clean Drain Pump Filter

A clogged pump filter could also be responsible for a Maytag washer not draining. As the wash water drains, the filter screens out debris to prevent it from clogging the drain pump. If the filter becomes clogged, water can’t flow to the drain pump and exit the washer.

Here’s how to clean a Maytag washer drain pump filter:

  • Remove the washer’s front panel.
  • Place a towel under the drain pump filter.
  • Slowly turn the filter cap counterclockwise, controlling the flow of water as it drains.
  • Pull out the filter and rinse under running water to remove residue and debris.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe away any buildup from the filter housing.
  • Replace the drain pump filter and twist clockwise to secure.
  • Replace the washer’s front panel.
maytag washer won't drain
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Faulty Washer Components

Is your Maytag front load washer not draining even after assessing for clogs? Chances are a faulty washer component is responsible.

These part failures can result in draining issues and require a professional washing machine repair:

  • Door lock: Secures the washer door after its closed, signaling the washer to begin operating. If the lock is damaged or multimeter testing confirms a lack of continuity, you’ll notice your washer not spinning or draining. 
  • Drain pump: Expels water from the wash tub into the drain hose. Blockages such as clothing or debris can prevent the pump from working properly and must be removed to restore function. However, if there are no obstructions, the pump is likely faulty and unable to drain water from the washer. 

The team at Oak Valley Appliance can fix a Maytag front load washer not draining or resolve any other washer issue. Schedule your expert repair today!

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