lg refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working

LG Refrigerator Dispenser Not Working? Follow These Tips.

While the water dispenser may not be the refrigerator’s primary priority, having chilled, filtered water on demand has become one of ours. So much so, that a malfunctioning dispenser requires an immediate solution. Why is my LG refrigerator dispenser not working? The dispenser lock may be enabled, preventing any function. Use this troubleshooting guide when your LG refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice. 

Why Is My LG Refrigerator Dispenser Not Working?

Though part failures are always a possibility, an LG refrigerator dispenser not working usually has a DIY fix. From a disconnected door switch to water filter issues, here’s how to pinpoint the problem.

Turned On Dispenser Lock

When you find your LG refrigerator not dispensing water or ice, first check the Dispenser Lock. This feature locks all dispenser functions to prevent unintended use. When engaged, a lock icon typically appears on the dispenser display panel. To turn off the Dispenser Lock, press and hold the LOCK button for 3-5 seconds. The lock icon should disappear from the display panel, indicating that the feature is disabled.

Door Switch Not Engaged

To prevent leaks, the dispenser only operates when the refrigerator doors are closed. It senses proper closure via a signal sent from the refrigerator door switch. Why is my LG refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working if the doors are closed? If the switch isn’t engaged, the dispenser can’t sense the closure and will cease operation. When the dispenser is silent and doesn’t hum when a button is pushed, the door switch may be the problem.

Follow these steps to test and fix a disengaged door switch:

  • Open the refrigerator door and press the button or hold a magnet in front of the compartment on the door’s top right corner. If the refrigerator lights don’t turn off, the door switch isn’t engaged.
  • Remove the door hinge cover on top of the refrigerator with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Reconnect any disconnected cables.
  • Replace the hinge cover.

Need to  Change Water Filter

Water filter complications are often the cause for dispenser issues. Water from your home supply must flow through the filter before reaching the dispenser. However, the filter may need to be changed for it to provide a sufficient water supply.

The following issues indicate the need to change the water filter:

  • Filter is clogged: Over time, the filter can become clogged with contaminants, preventing water from flowing to the dispenser. Most filters should be changed every 6 months to prevent clogs. However, it may require more frequent changes if the dispenser doesn’t work or ice tastes bad
  • Incorrect installation: If an LG refrigerator water filter isn’t installed properly, it may result in dispenser issues or even a leaky refrigerator. Refer to your user manual to make sure the filter is installed correctly, replacing it if necessary.
  • Wrong filter installed: Using a non-OEM filter can result in improper fit and function that restricts water flow to the dispenser. To ensure that the filter functions properly, always use an OEM brand when replacing it.

lg refrigerator dispenser not working

Image from LG USA

Problem With Refrigerator Water Supply

The refrigerator needs consistent access to water in order to supply the dispenser and ice maker. Several common supply issues can result in an LG refrigerator dispenser not working properly.

Here’s how to assess the following water supply issues:

  • Kinked or frozen water line: The water line connects the refrigerator to your home water supply, providing water to the dispenser and ice maker. If the line is kinked or frozen, water flow can be restricted. Gently straighten any kinks to restore water flow or aim a hairdryer at the line to thaw ice blockages. If the line shows any damage, it must be replaced.
  • Low water pressure: The refrigerator’s water inlet valve opens and closes to provide the refrigerator with water, as needed. To function properly, the valve requires between 40-120 psi of water pressure. A lack of pressure can hamper the valve’s function, restricting water flow to the dispenser and ice maker. Make sure your home’s water pressure is within the ideal range for the valve to function properly.
  • Defective water inlet valve: If the valve breaks or fails electronically, it may not open sufficiently or remain closed, restricting water flow. A defective water inlet valve can’t be repaired and must be replaced.

Broken Refrigerator Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switch is activated when a glass is pushed against the dispenser lever. Once activated, the switch then signals the water inlet valve to open and supply the dispenser with water. A broken LG water dispenser switch won’t signal the valve, preventing water flow to the dispenser.

If the dispenser switch shows no continuity with multimeter testing, it should be replaced by a professional refrigerator repair service.

The technicians at Oak Valley Appliance can fix an LG refrigerator dispenser not working with a professional repair. Contact us to schedule your expert service!

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