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Why Is My LG Freezer Not Defrosting?

Automatic defrost systems typically keep modern freezers free of frost, so any icy buildup signals something is amiss. Why is my LG freezer not defrosting?  The temperature may be set too low, leaving moisture in the air that changes to frost. Troubleshoot other reasons for an LG freezer icing up and pinpoint the right solutions to stay frost-free.

Common Causes for an LG Freezer Not Defrosting

In most cases, LG refrigerator defrost problems can be solved with a simple DIY fix or adjustment. These common causes can help determine what to do or if a professional repair is necessary.

1. Too Few or Too Many Items

Freezing too few or too many items can be why you find your LG refrigerator freezer frosting up. The right amount of frozen foods can actually help maintain a freezer’s cold temperature. Too few items don’t help restore the set temperature after the door is opened, allowing the mix of warm and cold air to create frost. Meanwhile, too many frozen items can restrict airflow, permitting frost to form.

Follow these stocking tips to prevent ice buildup in LG freezer:

  • Make sure your freezer contains enough frozen items to help maintain its set temperature.
  • Avoid overstocking with too many items that can restrict airflow or block air vents.
  • Enable optimum airflow by maintaining an inch of space around the freezer walls and in between items. Aim to keep the freezer 75-80% full at all times.

lg freezer not defrosting

2. Improper Freezer Temperature

An LG freezer not defrosting can also be due to a low freezer temperature. If the temperature is set below 0℉, the LG freezer defrost cycle may not be able to remove any moisture in the air. That moisture will then turn to frost and begin to accumulate. Make sure the freezer is set within the range of 0-5℉ for optimum freezing. To avoid refrigerator temperature issues, keep the temperature at 35-40℉.

3. Freezer Door Not Sealing or Left Open

Leaving the freezer door open is one of the most common reasons an LG refrigerator freezer will not defrost. The warm air that enters mixes with the freezer’s cold air and creates frost. When using the freezer, take care to open and close the door as quickly as possible and make sure it’s properly closed.

If the door is properly closed and you still find your LG freezer not defrosting, it’s possible the door seal is damaged. Over time, the seal can dry and crack, allowing warm air to enter and create frost. A dirty seal can also prevent proper closure. 

Follow these tips to evaluate the freezer door seal:

  • Clean a dirty seal with a gentle cleanser and clean paper towel. Make sure it’s dried thoroughly.
  • Inspect the seal for breaks or tears. A damaged seal requires replacement.
  • Test an old seal by positioning a dollar bill so it’s half inside the closed freezer door. If the bill is removed with little resistance, the seal needs to be replaced.
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4. Food Too Hot When Freezing

The way you store food can also contribute to frost issues. If hot food is placed in the freezer it can create moisture and humidity that can turn to frost. Before freezing leftovers, bring them to room temperature or refrigerate them until they’re no longer hot.

5. Faulty Defrost System

If you still find your LG freezer not defrosting after these troubleshooting tips it’s possible that a component in the defrost system is faulty.

The following part failures can cause frost buildup, necessitating a professional repair:

  • Defrost heater: The defrost heater turns on periodically to melt any frost that accumulates on the evaporator coils. If it fails, frost on the coils will build up and affect the defrost system, leading to a frost buildup in the freezer. 
  • Defrost thermostat: This component monitors the temperature of the evaporator coils, signaling the defrost heater when too much frost develops. If the defrost thermostat is faulty, it won’t turn on the heater and frost will accumulate.
  • Defrost control board: If the defrost heater and thermostat are operating normally, then the control board likely failed. This part regulates the defrost cycle, signaling it to turn on as needed. 

Oak Valley Appliance can help with any refrigerator and freezer repair. Call us if you find your LG freezer not defrosting or for any kitchen appliance concern!

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