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5 Ways to Fix an LG Dishwasher Leaking Water

Dishwasher leaks not only create a big mess but compromise the function of this indispensable appliance. Why is my LG dishwasher leaking water? Hoses with damage or insecure connections are often responsible for leaks. Learn how to pinpoint the source of LG dishwasher leaks and initiate the right fix.

Why Is My LG Dishwasher Leaking Water?

While dishwasher leaks may indicate a malfunction, there’s usually a straightforward repair. The following causes are usually responsible for an LG dishwasher leaking water and each has a specific solution.

1. Dishwasher Isn’t Level

An unlevel appliance is a common reason for water leaking from LG dishwasher during wash cycles. When the dishwasher isn’t level, the door may not close properly, causing leaks. Most dishwashers have leveling legs that can be adjusted so it rests evenly on the floor. Consult your user manual to determine how to adjust the legs on your model dishwasher. Most can be accessed behind a front toe kick panel and raised or lowered with a wrench.

Once the legs are adjusted, check the door to make sure it closes evenly and smoothly without hitting the racks. Run a complete wash cycle to see if the leak is resolved. If not, the leveling legs may require additional adjustment.

2. Dishwasher Hose Leak

The dishwasher’s drain and water inlet hoses are also commonly responsible for leaks, specifically when connections are loose or a hose is damaged. An LG dishwasher leaking water from bottom may have a loose or damaged water inlet hose. Like the leveling legs, this hose is also located behind the front toe kick panel. Remove the panel and inspect the hose connection for leaks or damage, tightening it if necessary. If the hose’s joint connection or the hose itself is damaged, they must be replaced.

For most dishwashers, the drain hose is inside a cabinet below the sink, where it shares the drain with the sink or disposal. This light, plastic hose can leak at its connection to the disposal, drain, or dishwasher or suffer damage like cracks or holes. Tighten all drain hose connections and replace the hose if damaged.

LG dishwasher leaking water from bottom

3. Leaky Dishwasher Door Gasket

An LG dishwasher door seal, or gasket, provides watertight closure during wash cycles, preventing leaks. However, if the gasket is loose, dirty, or damaged, you’ll find your LG dishwasher leaking water from the door during operation.

Check the door gasket for loosening, cracks, or tears and replace it if damaged. A dirty gasket can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to restore its function. To prevent leaks, most dishwasher maintenance tips recommend cleaning the gasket with other dishwasher components on a monthly basis.

4. Spray Arm Malfunction

There are several possible spray arm malfunctions that can result in an LG dishwasher leaking water.

The following problems can compromise LG dishwasher spray arms:

  • Loading issues: Though our dishwasher cleaning hacks list numerous objects that a dishwasher can clean, avoid overcrowding racks with these items. Doing so can block the spray arm’s rotation, making water spray forcefully and puddle in other areas, causing leaks. Always rotate the spray arm by hand before starting a wash cycle to make sure it rotates fully. 
  • Clogs: Check the spray armholes for clogs that can also cause forceful spraying and leaking. Remove the spray arm from the dishwasher and unclog the holes with a straight pin or toothpick.
  • Damage: Cracks in the spray arm can also cause leaking by spraying water in different areas. A damaged spray arm must be replaced.

water leaking from lg dishwasher

5. Defective Water Inlet Valve

If all else fails, it’s possible a defective water inlet valve is responsible for dishwasher leaks. This valve is attached to the water inlet hose joint connection behind the front toe kick plate. It opens and closes, as needed, to allow for water flow to the dishwasher from your home supply. If one of the valve’s components is faulty, you may notice the dishwasher leaking underneath, directly from the valve.

A defective water inlet valve can’t be repaired and should be replaced by a professional dishwasher repair service.

The technicians at Oak Valley Appliance can fix an LG dishwasher leaking water or perform any other repair. Contact us to schedule your prompt and professional service!

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