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Check These 5 Things if Your GE Dryer Won’t Spin

Clothes dryers are usually very reliable, but things can go wrong over time. If your GE dryer won’t spin all of a sudden, you may be wondering what caused it and how to fix the problem. Where do you even start when your dryer won’t tumble? Our GE dryer troubleshooting tips include some of the most common causes.

GE Dryer Won’t Spin? This Could Be Why

Why won’t my GE dryer spin? As you stare at a pile of wet laundry, it can seem like there are endless possibilities to consider. Our list of the most likely reasons will streamline your troubleshooting and get your laundry day back on track.

Worn Out GE Dryer Belt

The most common reason for a GE dryer not spinning is typically a worn-out dryer belt. This thin rubber belt winds around the width of the dryer drum, suspended between two pulleys as it helps the drum turn. Over time, the belt can fray, tear, or break completely. If this occurs, the dryer drum won’t be able to turn.

Signs of a worn-out GE dryer belt include:

  • A humming noise, but no tumbling action, after the Start button is pushed
  • The drum spins rapidly when turned by hand
  • Squealing or grinding sounds when the dryer is started

If any of these signs occur the dryer belt has likely worn out and requires replacement.

ge dryer won't spin

Broken Door Switch

A broken door switch can be another reason your GE dryer won’t spin. When the door closes this electronically-operated switch sends a signal to the dryer’s control panel to begin a drying cycle. Over time, with repeated opening and closing of the door, it’s possible the switch can wear out and break. When this happens the door switch won’t provide the necessary electronic signal and, as a safety precaution, the dryer won’t start.

To determine if the door switch is broken it must be tested for continuity with a multimeter. Most door switches are located around the opening of the dryer door and will register a reading of zero ohm when functioning properly. If multimeter testing yields different results, the door switch should be replaced.

Defective Drum Rollers

Dryer drum rollers help the dryer spin as smoothly as possible, lessening any strain on the drive motor. Most drum rollers are located on the rear of the dryer drum. If they’re defective or worn out, your GE dryer won’t spin smoothly, causing a thumping noise as it turns. The dryer drum will also be unable to spin easily by hand.

Damaged drum rollers cannot be repaired and require replacement. Even if only one drum roller is worn out we recommend replacing both at the same time.

Damaged Drum Bearing

Similar to drum rollers, the drum bearing also supports the rear of the dryer drum as it turns to avoid overtaxing the motor. This bearing is lubricated and sealed but, over time, the lubrication can dry out. If this happens, the bearing may loosen and can become damaged.

If your GE dryer doesn’t spin or makes a squealing sound when turning, the drum bearing may be damaged and require replacement.

Drive Motor Failure

If the above troubleshooting tips don’t solve the problem then it’s possible your GE dryer won’t spin because of a drive motor failure. The dryer’s drive motor is responsible for powering the dryer drum and the blower wheel that expels the dryer’s heated air.

Blower wheel blockages can often be mistaken for motor failures. If the motor still makes a humming noise when you start the dryer, first check the blower wheel for any visible obstructions. However, if the dryer makes no noise when started and the drum turns freely then it’s possible the drive motor is responsible. A failed drive motor cannot be repaired and requires a professional replacement.

Whether you’re in need of dryer maintenance tips or a reliable dryer repair service, Oak Valley Appliance can help. Call us for all of your laundry appliance needs.

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