GE dishwasher making grinding noise

GE Dishwasher Making Noise? This Could Be Why.

Though we may expect a dishwasher to operate in near silence, some sounds signify normal operation while others signal that something’s amiss. Why is my GE dishwasher making noise that sounds like grinding? A pump obstruction can make this sound if the drain impellers are blocked. Use these noisy dishwasher troubleshooting tips to determine the difference between normal function and a cry for help.

How to Decipher a GE Dishwasher Making Noise

Certain noises correspond to particular dishwasher functions or problems. We’ll list the sounds that are most responsible for a GE dishwasher making noise and if they indicate a problem to be solved.

GE dishwasher making noise
Why Is My Dishwasher So Loud?

Like many large appliances, a dishwasher utilizes multiple moving components when in operation. Filling, draining, pumping and washing are just some of the functions that make noise during a typical cycle, all of which are normal. However, other sounds can also indicate a problem, especially if one of these functions is impaired. 

Here’s how to distinguish between normal sounds and if your GE dishwasher making noise needs an intervention.

Normal GE Dishwasher Noises

Though they may initially sound strange, several common dishwasher sounds indicate normal operation.

Normal dishwasher sounds include:

  • Clicking: A dishwasher’s timer control can make a clicking sound as it initiates the next function in a wash cycle.
  • Humming: Both the dishwasher’s motor and pump can make a low-level humming sound as they operate.
  • Snapping: During a wash cycle, the detergent dispenser can make a snapping sound when it opens to dispense detergent. A solenoid within the dishwasher can also make this noise when activated during draining. After a cycle completes, the latch may make a snapping sound when the dishwasher door is opened or closed.
  • Swishing or sloshing: Water spraying and draining can make these sounds during a wash cycle. 

GE dishwasher makes buzzing noise

Abnormal GE Dishwasher Sounds

In other cases, a GE dishwasher making noise points to a problem. While not every noise indicates the need for a repair, they do signify an issue that should be addressed ASAP.

These abnormal sounds designate a specific problem to be solved:

  • Grinding: A GE dishwasher making grinding noise during operation could mean that the pump is clogged with food particles or debris. Most dishwasher cleaning tips recommend regular filter cleanings to prevent pump clogs. Consult your user manual to determine how to access the pump on your model washer to remove any blockages. 
  • Buzzing: If your GE dishwasher makes buzzing noise it could mean that the water inlet valve has failed. This valve opens and closes electronically, allowing water to flow to the dishwasher from your home supply. When it fails, a buzzing sound can be heard. If multimeter testing confirms failure with a lack of continuity, the water inlet valve must be replaced.
  • Rattling: Improper loading can result in rattling sounds during wash cycles. These sounds occur when circulating water causes dishes or lightweight items to bang against each other. Knowing how to load a dishwasher properly can lessen rattling noises.
  • Squealing: Why is my GE dishwasher squealing? A new dishwasher may make this noise during its first use until the pump seals are adequately lubricated. Adding 2 quarts of water to the base of the dishwasher should provide enough lubrication to stop the sound. However, a dishwasher making high-pitched noise when it’s not new could point to a circulation pump problem. Typically, worn-out pump bearings can result in a continuous high-pitched drone. When this happens, the entire pump must be replaced by a professional dishwasher repair service.

The technicians at Oak Valley Appliance can silence a GE dishwasher making noise with the right repair. Schedule your expert service today!

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