how do i get rid of the smell in my garbage disposal

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal and Prevent Odors

While a garbage disposal conveniently eliminates food scraps, lingering odor can be the price you pay for this convenience. Fortunately, a thorough cleaning with the right techniques and supplies can attack and prevent bad smells. We’ll detail how to clean a garbage disposal from removing clogs to deodorizing, as well as how to keep odor at bay.

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how to clean a front load washer

If Your Front Load Washer Smells Bad, Try This

When deciding between a front load or top load washing machine, bad smells are one of the few front loader drawbacks. But where do you start when your front load washer stinks and you’re worried your clothes do too? We’ll detail what to do when your front load washer smells bad from cleaning the gasket and washer tub to preventing odor.

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glass cooktop cleaning tips

How to Clean a GE Cooktop Without Damaging It

Our stove is a kitchen workhorse, especially when entertaining or getting a quick dinner on the table. So much so that we often can’t clean it properly until stains and spills have sat until after dinner is through. We’ll review how to clean a GE cooktop so that glass cooktops retain their shine without a scratch. We’ll also discuss how to properly clean a GE gas stove top without damaging the burners.

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ice maker smells like mildew

If Your Refrigerator Ice Smells and Tastes Bad, This Might Be Why…

When your refrigerator ice tastes bad there are several possible causes. We’ll troubleshoot them below so you can figure out why you have ice that smells and tastes bad and what you can do to fix it. These issues include old food in the freezer, stale ice cubes, a dirty water filter, and more. Then we’ll review how to clean an ice maker so you can properly maintain it.

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safe to use the self cleaning oven

Is it Safe to Use the Self Cleaning Oven Feature?

It never fails. It’s the night before Thanksgiving dinner and someone decides it’s a good time to clean the oven. After all, it’s about to perform for an important audience! It doesn’t occur to most people that it may not be safe to use the self cleaning oven feature. Oven cleaning appears simple when you can just activate the self-clean feature, right? Wrong. There is nothing simple about cranking your oven up to temperatures so high it becomes an incinerator in your own kitchen. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. Here’s why…

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How to Clean a Dishwasher in 4 Simple Steps

Your dishwasher is the backbone of your kitchen. It certainly needs some routine maintenance after all its hard work. Learn how to clean a dishwasher and keep odors at bay with our step-by-step guide on cleaning the dishwasher tub, spray arms, filter, exterior, and more.

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