ge dryer not spinning

Check These 5 Things if Your GE Dryer Won’t Spin

Clothes dryers are usually very reliable, but things can go wrong over time. If your GE dryer won’t spin all of a sudden, you may be wondering what caused it and how to fix the problem. Where do you even start when your dryer won’t tumble? Our GE dryer troubleshooting tips include some of the most common causes including a worn out drive belt, faulty door switch, damaged tub bearing, and more.

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whirlpool dryer won't start but has power

6 Common Causes for a Whirlpool Dryer Not Starting

A dryer that doesn’t start can leave your spirit just as dampened as your clothes. But a laundry setback doesn’t have to ruin the day or end in a complex repair. Common causes for a Whirlpool dryer not starting include power issues, incorrect settings, faulty parts like door latches, start switches, and more.

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dryer not heating

Why Is My Frigidaire Dryer Not Heating?

When your dryer won’t heat it can be really frustrating- clothes take forever to dry, or they may not dry at all. There are several things you can take a look at to try to determine the cause of your Frigidaire dryer not heating. We’ll walk you through what to watch out for including overloading, clogged exhaust vents, faulty components, and more.

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